Commit 2f616c01 authored by Alain O' Miniussi's avatar Alain O' Miniussi
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Merge commit 'e4ae5cf7' into 597-compile-with-cuda

parents 37f90cf3 e4ae5cf7
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ namespace fargOCA {
<< "from Solid accretion onto the planet (typical value 1.e27 erg/s)";
<< std::optional<OpacityLaw>(OL_BELL_LIN) << "With full energyequation of state opacity can be either constant (CONSTANT) "
<< "or prescribed by Bell and Lin tables (BELL_LIN)";
<< "or prescribed by Bell and Lin tables (BELL\\_LIN)";
<< std::optional<real>(real(1)) << "With constant opacity, choose its value in $cm^2/g$";
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