Commit c3c56dc1 authored by Alain O' Miniussi's avatar Alain O' Miniussi
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In Bell Lin opacity, replace pow(rho,0.3333..) with more accurate cbrt(rho).

A regold was needed.
parent e4ae5cf7
......@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ namespace fargOCA {
} else if ( temp < t456*std::pow(rho,2.381e-2)){
// to avoid overflow
real ts4 = 1.e-4*temp;
real rho13 = std::pow(rho,0.333333333);
real rho13 = std::cbrt(rho);
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real rho23 = rho13*rho13;
real ts42 = ts4*ts4;
real ts44 = ts42*ts42;
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