Commit 8072d4b7 authored by Juan Ignacio Polanco's avatar Juan Ignacio Polanco

Define order(::BSplineOrder)

parent 019f0ea8
......@@ -54,11 +54,13 @@ knots(g::BSplineBasis) = g.t
order(::Type{BSplineBasis}) -> Int
order(::Type{Spline}) -> Int
order(::BSplineOrder) -> Int
Returns order of B-splines.
Returns order of B-splines as an integer.
order(::Type{<:BSplineBasis{k}}) where {k} = k
order(b::BSplineBasis) = order(typeof(b))
order(::BSplineOrder{k}) where {k} = k
BSpline{B <: BSplineBasis}
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