Commit 90383086 authored by Juan Ignacio Polanco's avatar Juan Ignacio Polanco

Finish renaming project

parent a7cb2300
module BSplines
module BasisSplines
Approximate and interpolate functions using B-splines.
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Here we use the definition used by de Boor (2003), where a B-spline of order `k`
is a piecewise polynomial of degree `k - 1`.
Hence, for instance, cubic splines correspond to `k = 4`.
module BSplines
module BasisSplines
export Collocation
module Collocation
using ..BSplines
using ..BasisSplines
using BandedMatrices
using SparseArrays
using BSplines
using BasisSplines
using BandedMatrices
using LinearAlgebra
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ function test_splines(B::BSplineBasis, knots_in)
t = knots(B)
@testset "Knots (k = $k)" begin
let (ka, kb) = BSplines.multiplicity.(Ref(t), (1, length(t)))
let (ka, kb) = BasisSplines.multiplicity.(Ref(t), (1, length(t)))
@test ka == kb == k
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