Commit 96620c31 authored by Juan Ignacio Polanco's avatar Juan Ignacio Polanco

Actually support non-square collocation matrices

parent d057a9ad
......@@ -35,16 +35,6 @@ The resulting collocation points are sometimes called Greville sites
struct AvgKnots <: SelectionMethod end
# Check dimensions of collocation points.
function checkdims(B::BSplineBasis, x::AbstractVector)
N = length(B)
if N != length(x)
"number of collocation points must match number $N of B-splines"))
collocation_points(B::BSplineBasis; method=Collocation.AvgKnots())
......@@ -229,15 +219,14 @@ See [`collocation_matrix`](@ref) for details.
function collocation_matrix!(
C::AbstractMatrix{T}, B::BSplineBasis, x::AbstractVector;
Ndiff::Val = Val(0), clip_threshold = eps(T)) where {T}
checkdims(B, x)
N, N2 = size(C)
if !(N == N2 == length(B))
Nx, Nb = size(C)
if Nx != length(x) || Nb != length(B)
throw(ArgumentError("wrong dimensions of collocation matrix"))
fill!(C, 0)
b_lo, b_hi = bandwidths(C)
for j = 1:N, i = 1:N
for j = 1:Nb, i = 1:Nx
b = evaluate_bspline(B, j, x[i], T, Ndiff=Ndiff)
# Skip very small values (and zeros).
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