Commit c7800ca6 authored by Juan Ignacio Polanco's avatar Juan Ignacio Polanco

Update docs of galerkin_matrix

parent cbf5586e
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ argument to the order of the derivatives.
For instance, if `deriv = (Derivative(0), Derivative(2))`, this returns the
matrix `⟨ bᵢ, bⱼ'' ⟩`.
Note that the Galerkin matrix is banded,
with `k + 1` and `k + 2` for `k` even and odd, respectively.
Note that the Galerkin matrix is banded with `2k - 1` bands.
Moreover, if both derivative orders are the same, the matrix is
symmetric and positive definite.
symmetric and positive definite, and only `k` bands are needed to fully describe
the matrix.
In those cases, a
view of an underlying matrix is returned.
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