Commit d375c405 authored by MARON Christophe's avatar MARON Christophe
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Now sensor dip/azimuth can be null

parent 6564b103
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ station:
% for sensor in station.sensors()
- &{{station.iris_code()}}_{{sensor.dbird_code()}} [ "{{sensor.model()}}", "{{sensor.serial_number()}}", "{{sensor.pz_file()}}", {{sensor.azimuth()}}, {{sensor.dip()}} ]
- &{{station.iris_code()}}_{{sensor.dbird_code()}} [ "{{sensor.model()}}", "{{sensor.serial_number()}}", "{{sensor.pz_file()}}", {{sensor.azimuth()|optional_value("null")}}, {{sensor.dip()|optional_value("null")}} ]
% endfor
% if station.analog_filters() is not empty
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